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The Vintage Print Feature



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The Vintage Print Feature

ON NOW! Take an art journey with us through the prints of Rande Cook’s career. From his earlier years to the present, observe the evolvement and approaches as they each tell a story. We will feature the lasts of some sought after editions, new Remarques and Artists Proofs. We will then conclude with introducing new prints of his current works from his recent show COLOURS

Feature is online only and for the month of July on both Leaf Modern and Leaf Modern Art Show sites. Please subscribe as we will keep you up to date through email or follow us on our social media.



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About Leaf Modern


Welcome to our online gallery where you can admire and shop! Currently, we are solely E-Commerce, however we have a workshop in Victoria B.C. where we make our beautiful art. Inspired by the nature and art culture of the West Coast, beautiful Indigenous art and design turns a new leaf with contemporary styles exuding a touch of modern. A collaboration with Mona Elliott’s fashion eye and Rande Cook’s First Nation's artistic talent brings art and fashion together. We feature original designs in jewelry, art, clothing and all that delights the senses. We’re also a family based business and will be including our children‘s artistic talents soon! Please visit us often as we’re a new site and growing everyday!

The Busy Bee

A collaborated shoot modeled by Mona Elliott and body painting by Rande Cook.

Mona Elliott was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Growing up with a multicultural family learning bits of Africa, England and France, she developed a passion for the arts and fashion. She moved to Victoria, B.C. at an early age, where she explored her passions through sports, singing, modeling, theatre, drawing and photography. Mainly falling in love with fashion and naturally gravitating towards the business world of retail climbing the corporate ladder. She then enrolled in Business School to add to her fashion knowledge. Mona is now the business of Leaf Modern; the photographer, marketer, website builder and customer service. While encouraging Rande to explore his creativity to the fullest. 

The Doodler


Rande Cook (Kwakwaka’wakw) is a multimedia artist born in culture-rich Alert Bay, B.C. Surrounded by the beauty of the land and art, he flourished artistically at an early age exploring the arts and soccer. Rande has accumulated 21 years of work experience starting with many years of studies under several master craftsmen in multiple mediums. In addition, he is passionate about being a father and being involved in his community as a public figure. With his unique accumulation of heritage, knowledge and experience, the gentle rebel continually pushes boundaries to create beautiful and provocative works challenging audiences to reconsider the role of traditional techniques for contemporary art-making. Read more...

Featured Work


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