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September 14th, 2019

Kwaguitl Stylin - The Solo Art Show

5pm PT

Arctic Raven Gallery Friday Harbour, Washington State

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September 14th, 2019

Kwaguitl Stylin - The Solo Art Show

Rande Cook's solo art show featuring new works in wood hosted by Arctic Raven Gallery in Friday Harbor, Washington. (San Juan Islands)

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5pm PT

Arctic Raven Gallery Friday Harbour, Washington State

Kwaguitl Stylin” - Rande Cook Solo Art Show

 A promotional video featuring Rande Cook with Lee Brooks, the owner of Arctic Raven Gallery.

Filmed in Alert Bay B.C., Eve River North Island B.C., and Leaf Modern Studio in Victoria B.C. 

Film by Spartan Media Group. 

About The Artist

Rande Cook

"It is my intention to break the barriers between Native art and the art of the world by fusing many ideas that will enrich the body of my art form. My hope is that by doing this we as a society can see the beauty in all cultures and embrace the spirit that connects us all in an ever embracing rainbow of colours." Rande Cook 

Rande Cook (Kwakwaka’wakw) is a multimedia artist born in 1977, in culture-rich Alert Bay. Surrounded by the beauty of the land and art, he found the passion of artistic creativity at an early age. Cook has studied under several master craftsmen to learn traditional jewellery and carving techniques including master carver John Livingston. In 2015 and 2016, Rande Cook held the Audain Professorship of Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest with the Visual Arts department at the University of Victoria. 

While growing up, Cook observed and discussed the traditional art forms of his Kwakwaka’wakw forefathers with his grand- father, Gus Matilpi. With the strong teachings from his grandparents about culture and the sacred ceremonies of the Potlatch world, Cook became an accomplished singer and dancer, and learned the values of life and culture that prepared him to be a strong leader for his people. He carries two chieftainships: the Hamatam/Seagull; and the Gigalgam from the ancient ancestor Kwanusila/Thunderbird. This story can be seen on the 27-foot totem pole he was commissioned to carve for the Museum Volkenkunde in the Netherlands in 2012. 

In 1991, Cook moved from his tiny island life to Victoria to attend high school and college. There he was exposed to a wide range of art-forms and practices from the Western tradition. Traveling the world has also contributed to his broadening his perspectives and bolstered his desire to push the boundaries of traditional works. More recently, in 2017, Cook was invited as an artist in residence at both Pilchucks Glass School and the Museum of Glass in Washington. Working with an experienced crew at both establishments took him to new heights exploring and challenging the delicacy of glass. Cook created beautiful pieces with First Nations elements and contemporary influences from glassware and figurative sculptures to glass pieces used in his wood works. 

Today, Cook can be found creating art in his studio full time where he is currently preparing for his MFA in the fall. In addition he is passionate about his family and being involved in his community as a public figure. With his unique accumulation of heritage, knowledge and experience, the gentle rebel continually pushes boundaries to create beautiful and provocative works challenging audiences to reconsider the role of traditional techniques for contemporary art-making.

Curriculum Vitae


Current News

Rande Cook is currently enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Victoria for Fall 2019. 

Summary of Experience and Skills


2017 Audain Professor for the Pacific Northwest, University of Victoria, Victoria BC


2018 Hosted a Memorial Potlatch as hereditary chief of the Ma’amtagila tribe for my grandmother and aunt at Alert Bay’s traditional big house for 700 people for
a full day feasting and sharing culture, history and dance.

2018 Hosted a Feast at Adams River. A political statement against the government by accessing our traditional lands for ceremony and feasting. Bringing traditional title as hereditary chief to the traditional lands of my ancestors.

2012 Hosted a Feast at the Nimpkish River. To activate my chieftainship inherited from my mothers side.

2012 Hosted a feasted at Alert Bay’s traditional big house, honouring my eldest daughter in a coming of age ceremony and naming my son.

2010 Hosted a Potlatch at Alert Bay’s traditional big house for 900 people, taking on the position as a chief of the Ma’amtagila people and family role.

2010 Hosted a Feast in Matilpi Village, gathered all the members and elders who had not returned for 40 years. As hereditary chief I initiated a return and activated the lands through ceremony and traditions to stake claim to the land. Also a naming ceremony for my daughter and connecting her to her traditional lands.


2017 Pilchuck School of Glass, Stanwood WA
2017 Museum of Glass, Tacoma WA
2017 Vancouver Airport Residency, Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Vancouver BC


2010 - 2014 Apprenticed for totem pole carving with Calvin Hunt and John Livingston 2010 Studied Repoussé and Chasing, Italy and New York
2007 Studied under Robert Davidson, Repoussé and Engraving 2000-2006 Apprenticed under Master Carver Art Thompson and John Livingston 2005 Studied Traditional Box Bending with Bruce Alfred 

2001 New Zealand Art Exchange, Canoe Carving
1997 Apprenticed under William Cook for Silversmith and Engraving


Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Vancouver BC Inuit Gallery, Vancouver BC
Steinbrueck Gallery, Seattle WA Stonington Gallery, Seattle WA
Arctic Raven Gallery, San Juan Islands WA Spirit Gallery, Vancouver BC
Leaf Modern, Victoria BC (owner, operator)


2017 Shapeshifting, Fazakas Gallery, Victoria BC
2015 Behind the Gold Veil, Campbell River Art Gallery, Campbell River BC
2014 Ravenous, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC
2012 The Skin I’m In, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC
2012 The Spirit Within, Steinbrueck Gallery, Seattle WA
2011 Continued Exploration of the Form Line, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC 2011 Convergence/Divergence, Landscape and Identity on the West Coast, The

Legacy Gallery, University of Victoria, Victoria BC
2010 Innovative Visions of the Form Line, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC 2007 Form Line, Arctic Raven Gallery, Friday Harbour WA

2018 Potlatch 67-67, The Potlatch Ban Then & Now, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Comox BC 2018 Sole Train to Night Market, Fluevog Shoes, Victoria BC
2016 Divergent Convergence, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2016 Culture Shift, Contemporary Native Art Biennale, 3rd Ed, Art Mûr, Montréal QC 2014 White Before Labour Day, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2014 Inappropriate, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2013 Urban Thunderbirds/Ravens in a Material World, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria,

Victoria BC  
2013 Difference and Repetition, Slide Room Gallery, Victoria BC 2012 Ebb and Flow, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo BC
2010 Giving Traditions, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC
2009 Group Exhibition, Steinbrueck Gallery, Seattle WA
2008 Inspired Reflections, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC
2007 Gathered Treasures, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC
2007 Group Exhibition, Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Vancouver, BC 2004 Canada Council Art Bank, Washington DC
2004 Story Tellers, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC
2003 Group Exhibition, Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC 2002 Tribal Miniatures X, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC


2013 Urban Thunderbirds / Ravens in a Material World (co-curated by LessLIE, Rande Cook and Nicole Stanbridge)

2018 Seattle Art Fair, via Fazakas Gallery, Seattle WA  2018 Papier Montréal, via Fazakas Gallery, Montréal QC 2017 Art Toronto, via Fazakas Gallery, Toronto ON
2016 Art Toronto, via Fazakas Gallery, Toronto ON
2014 Art Toronto, via Fazakas Gallery, Toronto ON


2014 Shaman Pole, private commission
2012 Quench, 8ft totem water fountain 100 year centennial, City of Duncan, Canada 2012 26ft totem pole, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden, Netherlands
2009 House Post panels, First Peoples House, University of Victoria, Canada
2007 28” totem, multiple interior installations including two 8ft x 8ft carved sliding

doors, private commission


2017 Audain Achievement Award for BC
2012 Perpetual Art Award for Quench, City of Duncan
2015 Acknowledged at the Governor Generals Awards Dinner, invited by King and

Queen of the Netherlands for the only totem to stand in the Netherlands, Rideau

Hall, Ottawa ON
1995 Henry Hunt and Mungo Martin Award, Victoria High School, Victoria BC  

2009 Collaborated with film maker Broderick Fox for his film “The Skin I’m

In” screened at the Victoria Film Festival


2013 Urban Thunderbirds/Ravens in a Material World, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, ISBN: 978-0-88885-373 -8

2018 Lee, Fred. “Fred Lee’s Social Network: Bill Reid Anniversary”, The Province 2017 Threlfall, John. “Sacred art, sacred teaching” University of Victoria, Visual Arts Blog 2017 Spaulding, Heather. “ First Nations artists at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art,” 

San Juan Journal
2015 “Rande Cook: Behind the Gold Veil,” Vancouver Sun
2014 Amos, Robert. “First Nations Art, meet squirrels,” Time Colonist  
2014 Madden, Aaren. “Ravenous, Alcheringa Gallery,” Focus Magazine  
2014 Cino, Kate. “Ravenous with Rande Cook and Carollyne Yardley,” Art Openings 2014 Willey, Philip. “Ravenous: Carollyne Yardley and Rande Cook,” Exhibit-V
2013 Rogers, Janet. “Decolonization, Indigeneity, education, and society: Urban

Thunderbirds, Ravens in a Material World,” BC Musician’s Magazine
2013 “Chief Rande Cook’s totem pole becomes centrepiece of Dutch exhibit,” North

Island Gazette
2012 Kossmann.dejong verbeeldt verhaal Totempaal, de Architect 2012 Smart, Amy. “Totem goes Dutch,” Times Colonist

2016 Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden, Museum TV  

2014 Quiroz, Efren. “Ravenous: Opening Reception,” Exhibit-V
2014 Quiroz, Efren. “Interview with Carollyne Yardley & Rande Cook,” Exhibit-V 


  1. 2016  Guest Speaker. Sidney Fine Art Show Opening Night, Mary Winspear Centre
  2. 2017  Panel Speaker. “Reconciliation and resurgence: How Indigenous artists are re-
    imagining the story of Canada”, Panel with Sheila Rogers, Andrea Walsh and Carey Newman, Ideafest, University of Victoria, Victoria BC

2017 Guest Speaker. “How the study of First Nations design in museum artifacts translates into design into the contemporary art world,” University of Washington

State, Pullman WA
2017 Guest Speaker. “Traditional forms of the Northwest Coast in glass and

contemporary works,” Tacoma Museum of Glass, Tacoma WA
2017 Guest Speaker. “Art and First Nations practice of today: A look at the evolution

of Northwest Coast Art,” North Island College, Courtney BC
2017 Guest Speaker. “History of the Northwest Coast and the art collected and held

in collections spread around the world, and the art created today,” San Juan

Islands Museum of Art, San Juan WA
2016 Guest Speaker. “Bringing Awareness of Indigenous Law, and its' connection to

land and resources, and how art reflects with political justice,” National Chiefs

Assembly, Vancouver BC
2016 Guest Speaker. “Artifacts of the N.W.C. and their place within international

collections, and accessibility for studies and the modern art world.” Museum

Volkenkunde, Lieden NL
2012 Guest Speaker. “the living culture and the art of today post potlatch ban.”

Museum Volkenkunde, Lieden NL
2012 Guest Speaker. “Speaking to relationship building through art and its living

culture.” Canadian Embassy, Lieden NL
2004 Guest Speaker. “Relationship building through art and its living

culture.” Canadian Embassy, Lieden NL
2004 Guest Speaker. “Forms and complexities on developed designs of traditional/

classical formline used on bentwood boxes.” National Museum of the American Indian, Washington D.C. 


2016-2018 Art in Public Places Committee, Victoria City Hall, Victoria BC  2017 First People’s Arts Council  
2016 British Columbia Arts Council  
2015 First People’s Arts Council 

2014 British Columbia Arts Council 2012 British Columbia Arts Council 2012 First People’s Arts Council


Galleries Featuring Rande Cook Works

Fazakas Gallery

Douglas Reynolds Gallery

Steinbrueck Gallery

Arctic Raven Gallery

Lattimer Gallery

Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery

Wei Wai Kum First Nations

Alcheringa Gallery

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